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dats me
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"If passion is what drives you then this is heaven for you"
this site is dedicated to all those passionate people who have passion for something it may be any thing even "killing mosquitoes"......anything....

i have moved to softweb solution

WHO AM I nd Y this Site????

Beautiful ladies and gentleman i m  21 yrs old boy s/w engineer by proffession ,working  in a Cygnet Infotech( in Ahmedabad.I m working as a trainee in this firm.This is my first site.I ll try my level best to keep u all updated and amazed through this website.Wish u all good luck while surfing this website.................hope u ll njoy this little effort...

welcome to my website

D  e  v  e  l  o  p  e  d  and  M  a  n  a  g  e  d   b y- - - - > P  r  i  y  a  n  k   S  h  a  r  m  a